Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Here are some pics I took today.  The first pic is that of the ram lamb and, I think, his mother.  He's not quite three months yet, but he's really looking good.  The second pic is the only one I got of him alone- he tends to try and hide behind other sheep.  You can see the thickness of his neck/shoulders and his back legs.  Other than his ear set- they are turned a little back in the second pic, but they are not as erect as I would like, I like him a lot.  Too many Cheviots these days are built like tubes on legs.  It's really atrocious.  Border Cheviots are meat sheep.  When you have tall skinny sheep, you don't have meat sheep anymore! By the way, he and all the other lambs are grass fed- they got a little bit of grain when their mothers ate for the first two weeks, but since they have been out on pasture the last month and a half just plain grass.   The last pic is of my Joe.  His ears change every single day.  He was quite happy being tied up there...  Wonder why?  Oh, there is the little matter of leaving the hose in his reach... Let's hope he didn't poke holes in it!

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