Sunday, June 17, 2012

On the run.....

Sorry I have been AWOL.  I have been really really busy, and I find that I am not all that fun/creative when I am running sun up to sun down...

Anyway, let's start with Thursday.  The day of the Cemetery tours.  Got there and another woman named Christine and I gave tours to six groups of 4th graders. It went well, but went on for three hours.  I was SPENT after that.  Right after that, I went to the farm to meet the guy who was buying my ram lamb- he had to go as he was mounting the girls.  He is not breeding quality, so he will end up on the family's plate this fall. He's going to that nice farm I mentioned, and has two other ram lambs to keep him company- all reports thus far tell me he is doing great.  In payment for the lamb, I took a check, and will hold it, until Mr G and I get some gates installed (we have like 10 to put up) and some other tasks.   I think this is how I would like to sell my sheep from now on!  My brother is too busy to help and this way, the work gets done!   After the lamb left, I went home had some lunch and then off to John's to help with shearing.

I had to use Lucy to funnel them into the area to be sheared, and then I waited as I was bringing three more ewe lambs home.  It took them about 2.5 hours to do all the sheep.  When we finished, John noticed that the adult excellent quality ram was missing.  This is not good.  So hard to come by decent Cheviot sheep, and he was a keeper.  John has no idea what happened- he's no where in the fields/barns.

I went to my friend's place and worked Dan, and I also gave Joe a shot at the sheep.  Still too young to train, but each time I get out there, he thinks more... He's certainly a confident bloke on them.

Today, Father's day, I will head up to see my dad, stop at the farm and then I think I am just going to chill.  I made a *really* nice steak with corn on the cob yesterday, and will have leftover steak today.  This summer is going to fly by, I just know it.  Which, is okay by me, because owing to my Norwegian blood- I hate the heat/humidity!

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