Sunday, June 3, 2012

The moving of the lambs

Yesterday morning was not very nice, it was steadily raining when I pulled into John's.  The sheep were in the barn yard, and I had to get them in a smaller area before I could start catching lambs.  I had to use Lucy for that, and being that some have young lambs, it was tough.  They were coming after her and it was not fun.  Lucy and I finally got them in there and I caught the lambs.  I caught 11 of the biggest, and then I rode with John to my place.  I had to carry them 100 ft each way, is my best guess.  Now, some of these are pushing 70 lbs.  I had to carry them in front of me.  It was extremely tiring.  I finally got it done.  And I was FILTHY to the BONE.  Wet, dirty sheep.  I went home to shower and get clean clothes on before my friend showed up to pick up her lambs.

When the three of them arrived, we went to lunch first, as I warned them that being in public would not be a good thing after smelling like wet sheep...

So, then we get back, and I drew up all the syringes, and we assigned jobs to everyone.  It went like a well oiled machine.  Then it was time to carry them to the trailer.  Only 7 were going but by the last one, well, I was done for the day.  I put my new lambs out with the rest of my sheep, and headed home.  I collapsed into bed and watched Die Hard 2, which I could relate to how Bruce felt being pummeled over and over....

The top shot here is my carrying a hefty lamb to the trailer.  I had gotten good at doing it by now, 11 lambs three trips later...

 Here are my friend and I carrying them out of the barn to the trailer.

Here is me holding sheep- I caught, sat, and wormed them, and my friend injected the CD/T.

This morning I am contemplating a trip to Barnes and Noble, and then head up to the farm.  Dogs got no exercise yesterday, so they really need it.

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