Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Not sure where I left off- oh yeah- whining about heat- it was really bad though.  I was a bit off for the next day or two.  Note to self: when it is difficult to just breathe outside, then it is probably not wise to do heavy labor out in it...

Saturday morning I woke up extremely dizzy.  So dizzy I was ill.  I actually got sick.  I have not puked in decades- I am healthy when it comes to that.  I must have gotten sick 5-6 times.  Later, I went to a walk in clinic and got some Meclazine, which is basically non drowsy Dramamine.  Worked well.  I knew I had to be in good form this week- very busy at work and the trial this weekend. 

Sunday I worked all day, and Monday was a long one too.  We are short handed.  After work yesterday, I went up to the farm and vaccinated the lambs I got from John (all ewes).  It was funny, I grabbed the first one and put it on it's hiney, and I see a little bump... hey, that's not a girl!  Finally it registered to me that this was my wether.  Ah, so he got to be free (he's done with his vaccinations).  Dan was extremely helpful and I learned if I am quiet with my commands he is much calmer.  I have a lot to remember.  The sheep are doing well, digging into their minerals as usual.  I want to buy a mineral feeder (one of those things that has something like a weather vane on it)- I may contact Sydell and see if they will be at the Mass Sheep and Wool festival (or if another vendor will) and get one from them at the festival.  Now that my numbers are up,  we go through a lot more of the minerals.

I got home last night and cleaned.  I swear, I spend more time procrastinating about cleaning than I do actually doing it.  Got the whole house vacuumed and folded and put away laundry.  Today I may dust.  The dust is incredible.  I would certainly like a maid...........

Later this week we have to finish hanging the gates and I want to make a smaller paddock for Joey to work in.  My fields are treacherous with all the trees.  Not sure how much we will get done, but will aim to finish it all.  I have to call the hay guy too.  Would like to get the hay in the barn soon.

Well, that's it for now.

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