Thursday, June 21, 2012

Ain't cut out for this!

I made plans to meet Charlie at the farm to get some gates hung (as a barter for the lamb I sold him).  Of course I knew it was going to be hellishly hot, but I decided I had to make good use of help when it was available.  So, he came by the farm, we went and picked up the gates I had bought TWO years ago, and brought them to the places they were to be installed.  Then I took notes of materials we would need.  We then headed up to Tractor Supply.  Besides the pins I wanted to get some combo panels to make up the small paddock that I use for lambing.  The sheep scuttled out of it this year- I just used cheap welded wire.  But, the panels that I thought were on sale were not- only cattle panels and those will not work- the openings are too large and lambs could get out.  Crud.  So, I ended up buying another roll of sheep and goat.  It was on sale, but still $259.00.  More money.  I swear I need to buy stock in Tractor Supply. 

Anyway, when we got back to the farm we set forth hanging the first gate. The brackets on all these old gates were rusted, so to loosen them too a bit of WD-40 and elbow grease. Charlie and I worked well together and in a bit of time, we got a gate hung.  Then, we moved on to another.  We got one pin set and then we had to take a water break.  We were dripping with sweat seriously- it was akin to taking a shower with your own perspiration... After the break, we put the last pin in and finished for the day.  I was a bit dizzy and I could not go further.  I went home and had a sandwich for lunch/dinner, and then I just had to chill.  Dogs were out for a short time and then in, and they all just lay on their sides.  Even boy kitty was flat out.  The a/c in the bedroom was on and so was a fan, but still too warm.  Joey did not fuss at all being crated as he had played with Dan in the living room and got hot just doing that.

I had a fitful night of sleep, as I knew we would be busy at work the next day, and did not sleep great.  Still do not feel 100% owing to working in the heat.  We still have four more gates to hang.  I sure hope Charlie comes back, but if not, I feel like I could do it myself, if I had to- which I hope I don't have to.

One more day of this oppressive heat and then back to normal, thank goodness.

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