Thursday, June 28, 2012

Gates are fussy

Putting up gates is "fussy" work, as my friend calls it.  To do it right, you need the right tools, a little bit of thoughtfulness to figure out how to shift, adjust, lube, and pound things into place.  Luckily, Charlie and I work well together and want it done right.  Yesterday after work, I met Charlie at the farm, and we set forth finishing the two gates we hung.  Well, that's not quite right- we had to add another post to each, a dummy post as it were, to each gate opening, since my brother put the gate posts too far apart (DOY!)  Anyway, we went up to one gate and I had a couple extra 6" posts that I had leftover from doing the fields, and since we were not going to set them in the ground (ergo the dummy post designation) we needed to timber lock them to the set post.  See, we needed about another foot or more, I can't remember, so the gate would meet a post. So, we cut the dummy post height to be same as set post, and the left over post parts we lay horizontal like an H brace and used timber locks to attach them to the set post and dummy post.  Not that happy with it, but will be pounding in a T post to ensure things are set.  Pretty sturdy, but Charlie and I both know it isn't the best way.  However, if I wait for my brother to dig a hole, let's just say I could hire blind Chipmunks and they would get it done faster.... Anyway, we did the upper field gate and then the gate to the middle field.  Then, we stopped.  I was just beat yesterday.  All I really wanted to do was go to sleep.  It's so annoying, but this happens. So, we went through what still needed to be done and then called it a day.  Charlie offered to keep helping me in return for another lamb, so this is very very good news!
Having help is a God send.  Some things- fencing and gate work, you just can't do alone (at least I can't).

Sheep are good,  grass is still in really good shape, and the resting field looks good too- coming back nicely.  The ram has really filled out- he's downright chunky.  My lambs are still attached to their momma's- calling them when they wander too far, but mama's don't come running... 

Didn't sleep well last night- Ginger decided to start to puke right near my head, and then she was being bothered by boy kitty when she tried to come back to the bed, after I took her off.  Then, at some point Joe decided to chew his bone, and THEN at 4:45 am, Ginger decided to meow in my ear.  Good Lord animals.  Night time is for sleeping.  Today I have an appt for Kylie and Nikke- their yearly appointments. 

Well, that's it for now.

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