Tuesday, June 5, 2012

After a serious low in energy yesterday, I plodded forward after work, and set to pulling that white snake root.  EGADS it got REALLY bad where I already pulled it.  I think for this plant, the secret is pulling it after the stems have turned red, so they are stronger.  You really need to get the plant out root and all, or thanks to it's long tap root,  twenty more pop up in it's place.... I may have to go with Round-Up on this stuff. It's that bad.  If it were not poisonous, I would not be worried about it, but it is.  If we get a drought and the sheep think about trying it, all it takes is 1% of their body weight to kill them, and it's a cumulative deal, in that they can eat tiny bits until it gets to lethal dose... What a pain.  I know more about this weed then I ever wanted to.  As I weeded yesterday, Joe kept me company in the field.  He's great company :)  Every time I walked to the pile, he ran ahead to show me where it was.

When I got home last night, I commenced vacuuming the house. I LOVE my new vacuum.  I cannot believe all it gets out of the carpets.  After that, I used the Furminator on the dogs.  Another awesome tool. Would not be without it.  I even went out to the yard where kitty was sitting, and used it on him- he LOVED it.  Gets down and basically massages them.  I don't it too long, as it's heavy duty grooming, but in a few days, all that undercoat is gone!

So, the house is clean(er) and dogs are good.  Today, I deal more with the snake root and I want to try and work Dan.  Separating all the sheep should be fun, since the meat chickens are now in my separating room.  Hope they go soon.  They smell, and well, I am just not a big chicken lover.

It was downright chilly last night.  Had to pull out the chenille robe and drape it over the bed for a little extra warmth. Kitty LOVES chenille- the minute he detected it, he got up and lay on it and purred.   It's the little things, don't you know?

Today, I do want to hit Barnes and Noble to stock up on some summer reading.  I love that store...........

Well, that's it for now!

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