Monday, June 4, 2012

Looks to be wet for most of the week.  This is getting rather annoying at this point.  I am planning to get Dan to several different places to work this week, but I may not be able to.  I suppose today, I will work on the snake root weed that is coming up AGAIN in the field.  I am not sure what to do.  Don't want to use chemicals, but want it gone- perhaps a flame thrower?  I only say that partially in jest....

I am still sore from the lamb lugging I did on Sat.  Surprisingly my neck isn't too bad, basically just mainly sore where my arms meet my torso- too much hugging I guess.

Joe is getting big.  I think he's officially larger than Dan at this point- not heavier, but taller.  He plays well with Dan now, and even gets Kylie to play a bit.  He's sure a nice dog.  Confident but biddable.  I do like him, and I love his eyes, such a nice look to him.

Gave minerals yesterday and the sheep dove in again.  They seem to really love these minerals.  I keep minerals out year round for them, but try not to put it out when it is raining, as these are loose minerals and will be ruined if wet- meaning, the sheep will not eat them.  Anyway, when I put them out my flock came up and started in on them, and the new lambs had to wait their turn.  Any time you put new sheep in a flock, they have to learn their place.  It's rather orderly, but there can be a little butting, if the new guys don't wait their turn.  That's why you *never* bring one sheep to your place, the more the better.

The new lambs look good, save for one who had a limp, which I believe is due to the vaccination (we give them sub-cutaneously behind the arm pit.  This can happen, and I will watch her carefully.  I am extremely happy with their health and size.  Now I've got 12 ewes.  That's a good place to be.  There's still a few more I could get from John, but this is good for now.

Not much going on right now.  Just the usual stuff.  Sort of nice.

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