Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Moving on......

Since lambing has been 2/3 horrible, and trial season is fast approaching, I decided I better just get to other things, other than waiting for the last ewes to lamb, or have disasters... So, I worked Dan yesterday, just a really short session, but it went well. I remember how much I like to work him, and how it cheers me up. It was real warm so we only were out there a short time, but it was long enough to brush things up and for Dan to be very happy to be working with me.

The other issue I have had is with my ram. He's giving the dogs fits. He is challenging the dogs. Dan has a hard time when the spit head comes out of the flock to nail him, but if I back him up, he's okay. Still, I don't want this happening to my mentally young dog. To make matters worse, the other day I used Lucy to bring the flock in and at first she avoided the ram. I had to tell her to "get him" and then she was able to address his crap. That all put me in a bad mood... Later that day Lucy was tied up and he actually went up to her to challenge her, again "get him" and he backed off. Still though, he did not learn.

So, when I was going to work Dan, I wanted the ram out of the mix, and into the paddock, so I used Lucy to do this. He started again with her and this time I did not have to say anything. She lit into him like a house afire. She went straight in for a nose grip and he took off, so she held on- there was no way it was ending up this easy for the ram. So, he ran, and she ended up getting knocked off by a tree, which upset me greatly, but next thing I see is the ram getting back to the flock and hiding behind the girls, and Lucy none the worse for the wear, and I noticed she had his blue raddle marker on her chest- that transferred from his. After that, the ram was no more trouble for Lucy. I am not sure what will become of him. I don't need animals like that around. He's a good breeder, so maybe I will just make a pen up and stick an old lady ewe with him and keep him separate. I just don't know.

Today is another warm one. I know the sheep are very warm, but not scheduled to be shorn just yet. I will have to call in the shearer soon.

Joe turns four months old today. He's such a good boy. I was so dead tired yesterday, but he handled being crated a bit longer than usual like a champ.

That's all the news from lake wobegon.

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