Sunday, March 4, 2012

So, yesterday I got the fence up. Thankfully, my brother's girlfriend's daughters desperately wanted to help. They are extremely cute and helpful. The eldest actually had some good ideas on the fence. She was wearing my brother's work boots- very cute. The fence was not long enough, so I cut it and left an opening for gate. I borrowed a spring loaded post pounder and let me tell you, that is a God send- no heavy lifting UP. So, I got it all done, except I needed something 18.5 ft for the gate.

The youngest daughter drew me the most wonderful picture. She drew me, and wrote "So beautiful", and she drew a sheep and lamb, and also, "don't forget about me". It was the best present I ever got. Lucy destroyed it- somehow she got into the front seat. I was beyond upset. But, I called my brother and she said she will make me another one.

I was so exhausted after doing the fencing yesterday. I just get so beat doing that kind of work. I also did not eat much, and when I woke up this morning, I was light headed and needed protein, so I made some nice fried eggs- a good breakfast.

After I had breakfast this morning, I brought the truck up to get some sheep feed and some straw. I got all that unloaded, and then I started to figure out what to do about the opening in the fence. I found some fencing from my previous fencing job, and attached it to the other. Then, I got a gate we had in the barn for the steers, and guess what? Two feet short. For God's sake. So, the plan will be to get some left over panel pieces we have and work something out. Nothing ever goes easy.

Then, I fed the sheep and I was trying to see who had a bag and who did not. Two of the Cheviots look bag-less. So, I just decided to bring them in the barn and check everyone. Dan got them in the barn for me and I checked everyone. All four Cheviots have bags, and so does Favey (my favorite Border Leicester) and so does the thin ewe- who is not due until end of April... The Border Leicester/Romney cross is bag-less.

So, now I know- I even marked everyone that has bags- except the thin ewe, because she is not due for so long.

After that, I headed home and had lunch. I am just sitting now, ready to take a nap. Later I have to go to John's and bring his sheep in, as he is away for the day.
I am pretty beat today, but I got a lot accomplished, so it's all good.

That's it for now.

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