Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The day before yesterday, Monday it was, I was not feeling great as Sunday I had an episode of very bad vertigo. I think it's related to my ear. I was still not quite right on Monday when I was at the farm feeding the sheep. I was carrying a bale out to them and WHAM- I stepped full force onto a rusted 3" framing nail that was in a chock of wood. It through my sneaker like butter and then into my foot. OH GOD did that hurt. I finished feeding the sheep and then went home to eat something (had not yet eaten that day) and then into the walk in clinic.

The Dr ordered xrays, asked if I was Diabetic (no I am not) and said he would have opened it up (it's a puncture wound) if I was. I reminded him I was not :) He called in an Rx of antibiotics, gave me instructions and I was on my way. Oh, one thing- I said "I have a good immune system" and he replied with a smile "We'll see".

So, I am on the antibiotics and the foot is okay. There is some question of new redness but so far it's okay. Thank goodness for the antibiotics as I do believe I would be in bad shape, as it had gone in so far.

Yesterday I got to the farm and counted only 10 sheep. Now, I have a problem counting sheep- I always lose count, but my brother was there and he only counted 10. So, I headed off into the field to look for the missing sheep. I went to the back left, my brother to the right. After just a short time I heard "She's over here- with her lamb- there's two".

So, I went over and by then the flock was following me. I picked up the babies and began my trip back to the barn, with momma calling her babies- and her babies calling her. They were completely dry and had been nursing. She must have had them the previous night. I got them in their jug, and set momma up with hay and feed and water. Two ram lambs. Nice job momma. She's my favorite ewe. Calm, and happy.

So, that's where we stand. Few more to go. I never thought this momma would have twins though as she was not that big. I have to say, Cheviot babies are darling!


Debbie said...

I sure hope you've had your tetanus shot! :) It's not just for sheep, anymore. I'm waiting for lambs, can't stand it... looking at udders and waiting, waiting, waiting. Enjoy

Kelpie and Collie said...

Up to date on the Tetanus shot- got one last summer. Still though, that hurt!