Sunday, March 18, 2012

Not much going on, other that is, than running back and forth to the farm. I have been spending a lot of time up there. No more lambs. I get there early, before work, and after work I head back up. Thankfully my brother is also checking in on the sheep. The two ram lambs are doing well and growing like weeds. I let mom and her lambs out with the flock yesterday. Quite a rude awakening for me. The other flock members (the ram, and last year's lambs) took turns butting the lambs. The smallest yearling was the meanest. After the initial meeting, things calmed down. I went home after that to get some things done and then headed back up to have a nice corned beef and cabbage dinner, and then of course, on the way home, check the sheep. I wasn't sure what to do with mom and her lambs, until I saw that she had one lamb with her near the paddock and one lamb was milling with the rest of the flock a good distance away- not so good momma- you need to keep better tabs on your chitlins. So, I decided to jug mom and babies back up for the evening. I had to actually grab both lambs before mom wanted to come in. I have decided that mom and lambs will be in the paddock for the day, sans the other sheep, until the lambs and their mother get bigger and smarter.

I did their tails the other day, and banded one of the lambs testicles, but I am not sure it was a proper job. The other lamb I could not feel anything yet, so I left him.

Dogs are good. Joe is growing like a weed too. He came up on the deck at my parent's yesterday and was so outgoing. So glad to see that his worry/fear period is over.

Last night my boy kitty was so sweet. I was sleeping and awoke to him having come right up to me, and he pressed his nose against mine and purred and fell back to sleep. He's such a sweet, loving kitty. I do pretty much adore him.

Today John and I are doing the tails of his ewe lambs. He uses a berdizzo, so since I am holding, I am going to wear plastic over my clothes. I ruined a pair of jeans last year, and don't want a repeat. Now, at least we will know how many ewe and ram lambs we have (don't keep the ram lambs, so we leave the tails on).

Then, I will go home, have something to eat, and then later, come BACK to the farm (I am at my parent's right now) and check the sheep.

So, that's it for now folks. Hope everyone had a nice St Patrick's day, and are having a great weekend!

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