Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Our new ewe lamb

Sorry I have been awol lately. I wasn't really in the mood to write, and I have been busy. We did have some good news on Saturday. Saturday morning after I fed the sheep, I noticed one of the pregnant ewes seeming to have to pee a lot... Hmmm. Then, I could see labor was starting- all the usual things- lips curled up in the air, laying down, getting up. I immediately called my friend/sheep guru for advice. Things like how long after contractions do I wait for lamb to present?, "how long after the legs/mouth appear do I give it? I was a complete nervous wreck. I got a pair of binoculars, and sat on a bench outside the paddock and watched. I tell you, watching a mother deliver a baby has completely dis-abused me of ever wanting to take part in such trauma!

Anyway, she lay down, she got up. She finally walked up the hill and lay down and out shot the lamb. Just like that. She lay there at first, and I said "great, now the lamb will suffocate". I did go in, just to clear the membrane off the nose, and then left. Mother cleaned the lamb well, and in less than five minutes, that lamb was up and trying to nurse. Later, I brought mom and lamb into the jug. On day two I banded the lamb's tail and on day three, yesterday, I released momma and lamb out to the paddock. Colder weather for this delivery... But, going to warm up a bit, I hope.

There is one more Cheviot due, I think, and then the last Border Leicester who is just thin. I have decided to keep them until June when I can start working the lambs I have and the ones I get from John. Then, they all go.

I schedule the shearer to come the third weekend in April. That will be good. They are WOOLLY!

Joe is growing. Good Lord, he is getting big and at this point he's about nuts with no work. I am going to start walking him just he and I on our walks so he can get some energy out, after I walk Lucy and Dan. All this walking has been good for my physique. Good, I need that!

That's the update for now!

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