Tuesday, March 20, 2012

More bad news

So, more bad news. Got to the farm yesterday, and Favey, my favorite BL ewe had a really bloody butt. She was grazing with the flock, and calling around for her lamb. I walked that field for EVER looking, but no lamb. I then called the vet, just in case something was wrong. I then thought she may still have a lamb, so I put her in the paddock. She ate her grain with gusto and her hay. She was a normal sheep- except for occasionally calling for the phantom lamb. Then she tried to push under the fence and I decided to jug her, because I don't want her teaching the others how to get out.

Shortly after I jugged her, she was eating hay, then pawed the ground once, and then lay down. It was now that I knew I had to go in. I got my dawn dishwasher soap bucket of warm water, and went in. Cervix was pretty tight still. I searched and found some feet. CRAP. This is not good. So, I felt around and pulled as she contracted and finally determined this was a backward lamb- I saw/felt the tail and two back legs. After some serious pulling I got out the lamb, dead, of course a nice ewe lamb. It really had no chance- not if the placenta was delivered first. Also, there is much less stimulation to contract, I am told, if the lamb is back feet first. I gave her a big dose of Penicillin, and allowed her outside. I got her up, and so far she seems fine.

All three BLs are going in April. They are really just too old to deliver and well over dog broke. I may also be selling the ram- he's getting very aggressive with my dogs. Even Lucy- I had her tied up and he actually went up to her to start something. I told her to get him, and she did. But, still... I don't need THAT aggravation in my life.

So, that's my lambing so far, the twin boys and two dead girls. It's not been fun. Not at all. I really just want it over. I am certainly learning a lot.

Well, that's it for now.

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