Wednesday, March 7, 2012

New Post

Hahaha- new post- I put one in yesterday :) I finally got the last two feet for the fence up, and put one more post in. I also did some other work in the barn and we're all set, pretty much.

Weather is warming up now, but rain is coming, so I may lock the sheep up in the barn, I am not sure. It will depend on how much and if we definitely get some, as the sheep hate being locked up.

My back is sore today- maybe that last post... Today I have an oil change appt., and later will have a contractor come by to give me an estimate on my bathroom re-do. It's so badly in need of it. I hate it.

Dogs are good. Joe is all of a sudden very keen on the chickens and wanted desperately to get in with the sheep the other day, but I would not let him- which did not please him.... His ears are down, I don't think they will be prick ears at all. He was funny this morning, as I let him inside after his morning constitutional, the boy kitty was in his way, so he jumped right over him. Now THAT was cute.

Well, that's it for now.

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