Friday, March 9, 2012

Any lambs? NO!!! That's what I get asked and what I answer now, every day from at least three different people. One thing about babies- they come when they will. I locked up the sheep in the small paddock I built yesterday, as rain is fore casted at night for the next few days. It's been very nice and warm though. Dogs were down right hot after our walk the other day.

Joe had his last puppy shots yesterday, and he weighed in at 20 lbs. He's going to be bigger than Dan, that's for sure. He did so well. He just sat there and almost cuddled. The tech likened him to a Golden Retriever puppy. Yeah right! He's a good actor; maybe I should have named him Jim, for Jimmy Cagney...

I remember some how surviving Dan as a wee pup- it was a close one, but I did survive.

Speaking of Dan, I think his front foot bothers him. Not sure what/how, as I don't see anything, but he's such a maniac... I think he may have broken his toe nail, but with the hair there it's hard to see. I may make an appointment for him. He's also extremely thin again. Too thin. I am adding oil to both his meals now to get some fat on him.

Lucy and the girls are good. I don't leave her loose with the other girls and everyone is happier- especially, it would appear, Lucy. It's a hassle to keep the girls apart but it is worth it in the decreased stress on everyone.

Today, no plans, just the usual, maybe more exercise for Joe.....

This pic I took of him yesterday.

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