Saturday, March 10, 2012

Cold this morning! I was not prepared when I went out with Joe this morning. Joe did not sleep well last night, I have no idea why. All I know is that it was annoying... He's outside right now, hopefully keeping himself occupied. Oops- spoke to soon- I hear him slamming into my slider.... be right back.......

Okay, back now. I let sheep back out in the field yesterday, as the weather forecast is decent (except for cold today). They will, in quick order make it a complete mucky mess if I lock them all up right now... I was looking at my hay supply, and I doubt I will make it into May. I will have to get some bales - even though all the hay guy has is 1st cut.

My sister is riding up to the farm with me today, and then when we come home, we will work on some projects at my place. Lots I want to get done. Bathroom, sadly, I won't be doing the reno- I just can't swing it. Maybe in 15 years.... Or, maybe I will take a class at home depot and learn to lay tile myself.

Gas is so expensive, I don't know how I will be able to swing all the trials I want to go to. I may have to do hotels more- just to save gas. I am really happy that this was a mild winter, as I used very little oil. This is one instance where I can say it is GREAT to have a small/tiny house. Even my brother in law who used to scoff at the size, is now a bit more respectful of it, when he hears I use only one small (275 gallon) tank of oil a season.

I had Joe out with Kylie yesterday, and Kylie actually played with him- they zoomed around the yard. At first, Joe was a bit scared, so he ran right into the opening at the base of a rotting tree... it was sort of funny. Kylie meant no harm though. It is good to see her relax, now that Lucy is not ready to rumble all the time. Even Nikke rolled on her back last night. Poor Lucy. She just wants to be the only dog. I know she would even nail Joe if I let her loose with him.

My boy kitty spent a long time out yesterday, and I think he has taught Joe some respect. Kitty was heading across the yard to hunt something and Joe kept running in front, and kitty swiped at him- which had the desired effect. Kitty left alone for a while.... until Joe forgot about kitty claws.

So, that's it for now. I hope everyone has a great weekend.

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