Friday, April 6, 2012

I am still alive! Lambing is over- I think. We lost two ewe lambs- one stuck in birth canal and one, I have NO idea what happened, but no real contractions. So, we have a tally of 3 boys and 1 girl. I am just so elated it's over. Wow. Glad I got that under my belt.

Yesterday I went to the farm and saw that my mothers/lambs had once again busted out of the hastily fenced inner paddock, and after having to get them back in myriad times, I had decided then and there that I would not be locking them up again, so the last Cheviot had better lamb. Well, she did. All the sheep came toward me, but her- she was standing over her brand new lamb. I picked him up and got him in the barn/jug. This mother is a nervous Nelly. I hope she calms down soon. She's calm with him, but not me. He'll get his tail banded today, and then he goes out with the rest.

I sold some left over hay to a guy yesterday. Lost a couple of bucks per bale, but that's better than throwing it away.

I have been working Dan over at E's place and it's going well. Dan *really* needs the brushing up. So do I. SO good to get to different fields, and require correct work, when it's hard. E and I have a great time working dogs, and hanging out, so it's just an all around nice day.

Joe is doing well. He gets to run free on our walks when I just walk him alone, so he's happier now. Not sure how much he weighs at this point, but I would guess perhaps 20-22 lbs?

I changed the oil in my lawn mower the other day- can't believe I already have to mow. This was one weird winter. I need to rake/pick up sticks and then I can get mowing. Not my favorite thing- mowing....

Well, better get a move on.

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