Thursday, January 16, 2014

Yesterday was a whirlwind.  Had a good day at work, and then headed to Tractor Supply to get some stuff, and then picked up the dogs and up to the farm we went.  Cross wool ewe was still limping, so I tipped her to check her foot, could not see anything wrong, but put some hoof and heal anyway, in case it was a case of scald. 

After treating the ewe, I worked Joe, and then tied him up while I got to work putting the latch on my gate.  Got the latch on- it's a hook and eye style, with a safety catch.  It looks great, and now I can shut my gate without a cement block to hold it shut :)  I then fixed all the other gates that were loose, or hanging oddly.  Then I decided, since it was so nice, to dump/refill the water tank, and clean the barn.  Oh Lord is that some job.  It's one of those things that you just do, without thinking about it.  Very heavy wet straw is not my cup of tea.  About 10 muck bucket loads drug out to the hill.  I am getting in shape again, I can feel it!

After I finished at the farm, I went home, ate some leftovers, took a hot shower and was done for the day.  I was ragged.  Just so tired.  Well worth it, WELL worth it indeed.  

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