Thursday, January 30, 2014

We have to go our own way.....

The week is plodding along.  This time of year, really, you have to take it day by day.  Make a mark on your calendar, once it is finished.  There is not much going on, and it is cold, and well, it is late January!

I just learned of a friend who bought a farm out in western Ulster or Greene county, and I am coveting that ability.  Well, I was coveting it, but no more.. As I age I have learned to look past who just awfully nice it would be to have a big farm, but being single, makes it a whole other ball game.   What if I were to become ill? Who would help me?  If I were to buy something it would have to be a goodly distance from my family and then what if I needed them?  I think I may some day be able to buy my own place, but the time is not now- not until I get some bills paid off and am more solvent.  But, maybe by then I will want to kick back.. who knows!?  We all have to go our own ways.. and there is no right or wrong to any one's path. 

So, this week plods on- long day scheduled for Friday.  Long range forecast calls for moderating temperatures this weekend into early next week, but then a drop in temperatures and a possible snow event.  Joy.  Not. I just will absolutely dread sub normal cold and the barn cleaning I will have to do...  I won't leave ewes that are due out to deliver in ice.  So, I guess we will see what happens.... No sense fretting over something that has not happened yet.

Been eating healthier lately.   No more fast food of any kind- including no croissant in morning; instead, I am having a protein bar, which amazingly, fills me up!  A good thing.  I hope I lose a bit of weight too.  I have definitely put on the pounds.. Yuck- at my age, losing them is like trying to get ride of a piece of cellophane on a dry day!

Well, that's it for now!

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