Tuesday, January 21, 2014

I think I have writers block- and that block is caused by being busy.. or I don't know, lack of coffee maybe? The black cross wool ewe that was lame before I vaccinated, was worse the next day.  This was upsetting me a lot.  I decided to give her one more day to see if it was the shot that made things worse (given on that same side in her axilla) and sure enough, she was better yesterday.  She's not 100% but not horrible.  I do not want to fool with her a lot so late in her pregnancy, so I am hoping she continues to improve.   She is walking around with the flock and eating and drinking well, so I think it is just as they say, a flesh wound ;)

I moved my jug panels into the barn, and the other stock tank where it needs to go, when I separate out the last year lambs/ram from the pregnant girls.  Last year, the ram and the lambs from the previous year were NOT so nice to the brand new lambs when they were very new, so I am not risking injury.

I arranged for an oil delivery today, which should set me for the rest of the winter- I only get 100 gals at a time, because that is all I can afford.. fortunately, my house is small, and although it needs new windows and some improved insulation in areas, it is not bad.  I also spoke to the hay guy- well his worker, and will be getting a delivery on the weekend.  I had to wait to get it until I was low on my current stack, and this is oddly, working out to almost the exact day as I got my second load last year.

Dogs and cat are good.  Bought ice cream yesterday because I felt like I needed it.  Boy was it good!  Time to get back to my salads for lunch- as I do really like them more than the other options.  But, when lambing starts, I will be eating on the run again- everything will be on the run.

That's my update...Hope you are all well.

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