Saturday, January 4, 2014

We did not get a lot of snow.  This is good :)  I still have to shovel, but I was not well again yesterday, and it was too freaking cold anyway!  I woke up at about 3 something, dizzy- I mean the dizziness woke me up.. I took an anti-dizzy med.

I did not feel great, but  full day of work.  Did that, then grocery store, then buy dog/cat food and then up to farm to feed sheep.  It was COLD.  I ran out with with hay/grain (getting more hay now due to temperatures).  I then sat in car to warm up and once that was done, went and checked the barn, the water, and each sheep to make sure eating well.  I let the dogs run around a bit when I was doing my thing.  

I made a nice steak dinner, and then in bed.  This morning we are at -8.  Dan and Joe seemed okay with it, but the girls were NOT happy!  Way too cold they say!  Me too!!!

I guess we warm up tomorrow and then by Monday night, back to even colder weather.. Several people I know have had their pipes freeze.. It is unusual for us to get THIS cold.. Well, there goes my oil budget! (and hay!).  I hope mother nature gets this out of her system before next month.

Today will be clean up and chores and nothing major.  Nice and quiet, the way I like it!

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