Friday, January 10, 2014

So, I have not been real talkative lately.  I am not feeling great a lot.  My arms have an issue with weakness, and neck ache along with that.  I am dizzy a lot from my ears, and well, generally just getting through.  The cold weather diminishes time out to enjoy things like working dogs.

Sheep are doing well.  I am slowing increasing their grain, and they are getting more hay, partly because it was so cold out, and now, because they just need more.  They do adore their food, let me tell you.

I cleaned out the barn today, which was way easier because it was not flooded.  Put in extra straw, as they are predicting a LOT of rain tomorrow.. I hope that the straw is very absorbent; at least it is free of droppings/urine for now! It sure has been an active January weather wise.

Here is a picture of my Meow, just because I love him so much


Anonymous said...

To me it sounds like your body needs a chiropratic adjustment. I used to have very similar problems with my neck, back, and arms due to a bike accident and since I began chiropractic care on the salary of a waitress my life is so much better. I used to have a migraine everyday, and now it is a rare occurence. I know that my chiropractor does payment plans, so there may be one in your area that does too. Its just a suggestion to help ease your dizziness and pain.

Kelpie and Collie said...

Thanks- I want to do that, but need to find someone I trust.. The last guy was a wacko..

Anonymous said...

I understand totally about trust. I interview mine after my sister referred her to me. I live in WI, so I'm not in your neck of the woods.