Thursday, January 23, 2014

Well, guess what?!!  It is *really cold*!!! Yesterday sheep got extra hay.  Cold burns you right through your clothes.  I got an ice cream headache walking between buildings at work yesterday.  Not even walking the dogs.  Have to wait until it hits at least 20 for that.  I am getting tired of this grind, but I guess they say it will stick around for a while. 

I have no plans for anything other than taking it day by day.  My lame ewe was a bit improved yesterday, not a bad limp anymore- maybe it was a strain or something. 

Boy is it boring right now.  But, I suppose many people are just extremely bored too.. I think most of the nation is getting hit with a lot of cold these days.

Well, that's it for now.. Got nothing else!

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Jenny Glen said...

Oh, I hate it when the wind blows just so softly but because it's so cold it goes right through your temple and burns between your eyes!