Wednesday, January 15, 2014

I really hate it when I have things all having to be done at the same time.  I had an appt for my ear issue, but also have a meeting at work.. There was just no way I could get to both.  Both are equally important.  So, today I called the ENT Dr, and praise Jesus, they had an appt for the following Monday, so this frees me up!!!  So happy!  That never happens eh?

I am still doing better wrt to my back, and now I am drinking a lot more water, and less time on computer, which I think is helping a lot.  I do not have the best posture to begin with. 

I found one of my cross wool ewes limping yesterday, so I checked her and aside from needing a trimming, I did not see anything else wrong.  Will treat her with some Hoof and Heal just in case all this wet weather is causing a bit of scald.

One of the Cheviot ewes is bagging up.  I plan to vaccinate/worm if needed, either this weekend, or next week- it depends on the weather.  I would prefer not to get as wet as I did when I had to tip the cross wool ewe for foot checking.

I felt good enough to get a bit of vacuuming done yesterday.  This is really great.  Sad eh?  Excited about cleaning, but really, I was just not functioning for a while, so I am all about feel good?  CLEAN!

I hope I can work the dogs later today.  It's been rather boring lately!

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