Saturday, January 18, 2014

Today I got the ewes vaccinated, but not the lambs or ram.  I have one 3 year old ewe who is an absolute crazy woman when you handle her.. She WORE me out.  I would have just done the lambs but Premier shorted me on my order, so I had 10 needles and 40 syringes.  Not so great Premier!  I will get the lambs done as soon as I get the balance of the order.

I put down lime in the barn room and a fresh bale of straw.  Left it open for them- hope we don't get really wet in there.  I wanted to bring the jug panels and stock tank for the other paddock up to the barn, but it was snowing a ton and very slick out- tomorrow that gets done.

I think I have enough hay to last through this month and then need to get some.  I may just get it in pick up loads, depending on what they want to charge for delivery.  Also will need more straw.

Well, that's my update for now!

Our errant snow flakes turning into rather organized flakes

Joe desperate to go for  a run!

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