Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Where's the time gone?

I've no idea.  Sometimes, I go back in this blog to see "where I was" this time last year.  I find a lot of similarities.. for instance- I am walking more now.   One big change though, is my diet.  I have cut out the sandwiches, and other bread items, and eat either a salad or soup for lunch.  For dinner, there is protein and a veggie.  More veggies in general.  My pants have gotten a bit looser and I feel better.  The dogs love the extra long walks too.

The temperatures have been "temperate" so far this December, and that makes me happy too.  Less heat/oil used.  The sheep eat their bale of hay, and I have learned that they are choosy about what they want to eat.  Two days in a row last week they got grass mix hay, and that second day, the lead ewe actually called at me as I left, I am sure wondering where the heck the alfalfa was!  Well, you get what you get my lady.... The runty ewe lamb is active, but small.  She will be butchered this spring.  She's just not breeding quality and her lack of resistance to parasites is not something I want hanging around my flock.  I don't blame her 100%, as it was a bad year, but in the end, I don't want to perpetuate that.

John and I have to bring back the ram that he borrowed to sire his next year's lamb crop this week.  Not sure when; the weather should be good until Sunday... I think he's done his job with aplomb.  Lots of ewes to do, we will see how successful in the spring!

There are a few more things I need to clean up at the farm, but all in all we are in good shape. 

Dogs are good; both Joe and Dan are working well, and Joe really seems to be maturing.  Yesterday though, he was quite full of himself and did not want to quit working - not at all when I told him... It's a new side of him, and one I quite like.  He's not becoming robotic and it shows that he's just enjoying himself more.  At his young age, that's really important, I think.   The girl dogs are well.  I feel for Lucy a bit, as she's not doing any work lately but she seems happy.  Heck, she's the only one who gets to sleep on my bed at night! 

I found out that we will indeed be doing Christmas eve at my parent's house this year.  Initially I thought no, because it really is too much for my mother- doing both that and Christmas day dinner, but we will be having relatives from Norway come visiting, so we will go ahead.  I know my sister and I will have to be taking  over more and more from my mother as she just isn't as strong as she used to be.  Luckily, I am a pretty good cook in my own right, so I guess it will all be okay.

Well, there's my update :)

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