Sunday, December 30, 2012

No Rush

Last night I took a fall as I went to get in my Jeep.  I slid under it when my foot hit a hill of ice- only my head sticking out.  That hurt a bit.  And, what made it worse, was I was heading out to get chicken wings for dinner, and they were terrible.  Think dessicated chicken.  Woke up with a head ache this morning; wonder why?

Anyway, it is BEAUTIFUL out this morning; baby blue skies, snow everywhere, and a quiet that you don't get that often in life.  I am so happy to be having a real winter, even if it means more work and cold, that's still not a bad price to pay for such beauty.

I have put notice out that I would like to find a home for Lucy.  She is not permitted near the other older girls except for when outside, and the other day Nikke, my twelve year old slipped going up the stairs and you could see Lucy had to work very hard not to attack her.  She just wants the other bitches gone.  I don't know why this happened.  Lucy is a very sweet dog in every other way.  It pains me, and I don't honestly know if I *could* give her up.  Maybe by the time I do find her a home, the other girls will be gone.. There is no major rush.  

My old kitty Ginger is losing it mentally. Yesterday she kept going to the bathroom and howling in there.  I finally had to shut the door.  She had an upset stomach previously, so maybe that messed her up.  The thing is, when she goes walkabout, most of the dogs (Dan is the WORST) follow and harass her.  When I shut the bathroom door, I picked her up and put her in the bed and lay near her, and that seemed to work.

This morning I just had toast.  I am duly sick of eggs at this time... Trying to avoid bread, but well, I slipped! Can't wait for work's retreat to open this week so I can get back on my wonderful soups for lunch!  I do love them!  In a while will head out to do the normal, and then home and stay warm.  Cold out today...

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