Monday, December 17, 2012

Sheep, dogs, Christmas

I am going to up what I am feeding my sheep, based on weighing the bales... Some are just about 50 lb and some are near 40 lb bales.  They have been eating more, so a bale and half will have to suffice.  This means I need considerably more hay than I have, so will be getting about 50+ more bales next month.   They really love the alfalfa, and seem to be doing very well.  There is still a bit of grass, but not much, so given that several should be pregnant, I am upping everyone... Grain will start soon too.  I thought about not doing grain, but for my own sanity, they will all be getting a wee bit of grain starting today, and gradually increase; very slowly until we hit a peak of about a 1/2-1 lb of grain per sheep per day- that's not that much...  But, I do think the pregnant ewes will appreciate it.  The lambs too.  I strongly believe lambs get the short shrift if not supplemented in their first winter.. They need to not only maintain, but grow.

The black ewe who likes to go off by herself when I work the dogs, she's looking lean, and I don't think she's pregnant, but I can't tell- really...  She doesn't get worked much because of her independence, but sometimes she does.   They all get worked during the week and they all seem quite fit.

The sheep are not using/eating any of the mineral, it's weird.  Maybe this hay has just about everything they need.  I keep giving fresh mineral just in case...  but the pan is always full...

We are having horribly wet weather lately, so I bedded down the barn in fresh straw, and left the door open so they could get out of the wet if they chose.  I find my sheep will use the barn in the worst of the weather.  This is weird weather- warmish, not very cold, so yesterday when it rained they hung out under trees. 

Dogs are good; am trying a new brand of food that is not grain free, but I just can't afford the cost of what I am paying for the grain free anymore.  I will see how it goes. 

Cats are good.

House needs cleaning (as usual).

I have not started (well, my sister picked a few things up for me to give) any Christmas shopping.  So poor lately, not feeling very festive.

That's all there is for now!

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