Saturday, December 29, 2012

Gimme my pancake!

Just had breakfast... Last night for dinner I had oatmeal with some raisins. For some reason, every time I nuke it, it explodes all over the microwave... This is messy folks!  Anyway, it was very good, and I find a good night time meal- helps me to sleep better.  I love the milk instead of water.  Book was good last night- am reading the newest book by Cleo Coyle- her coffee house mysteries- forget the name now, but if you are looking for a decent mystery - try Cleo.

Like I said, I finished breakfast, dogs and cat all got pancakes.  Kitty adores these so much the minute I take the griddle out of the cabinet, he's at his station, near the stove waiting, and as they get done, he assumes the position to remind me of his dire need for them!

We are supposed to get around 6" of snow today, to add to the 6" we already have.  Am using a sled to bring the hay to the sheep.  I gave them 1.5 hales the day before yesterday, and when I got there yesterday, all of it was GONE,  just basically green spots in the snow, that I don't like- as there is no other fodder to eat out there- and even if there was, getting around is very tough- crusty snow that they fall through as they walk on it.  So, yesterday, they got two bales, and they kept falling off my sled.  Oh the joys of winter.

Today, I need to hit various markets, and get some sheep feed, and then will go up to the farm.  I doubt I will walk the dogs, maybe, but truth be told my calves are killing me from walking through the snow...  The dogs seem fine, but I worry about them getting hurt too.  Will have to see how it goes.  I would like to go see a movie- not sure which, but that would be a nice way to break up the monotony of this winter!

Well, better get a move on, hope everyone has a great day!

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