Thursday, December 27, 2012

We shall see....

After work yesterday, I loaded up the dogs and headed up to the farm, but first, I stopped by my hay purveyor to pick up a couple of bales of straw.  It was very cold out- low to mid 20s.  When I got there, another customer was there picking up some hay- looked like a store was picking it up to sell.  The older gentleman who lives on the property was very friendly, and chatted to me while I waited for the kid (I call him a kid, he's probably in his mid 20s!) to get plastic bags to put the straw in.  Our conversation went like this "Hi Julie! How are you" (as he is throwing bales).  My reply: "Great, how are you?!"  Then it went on "How many sheep you have now? Fifteen.  Oh, that's a good number.  How do they like the hay?  They love it.  We've got more saved for you in the back, but it's got alfalfa.  That's okay, they LOVE it!  After that, I went and paid for and loaded up the two bales and went on my way.  I really like this aspect of farming- the people.  Salt of the earth, polite, decent people.

When I got to the farm, after walking the dogs  I started cleaning out the barn.  I had a big group of on-lookers, as they could not believe that thing in the shape of a bale was not food... So, got it all spread out and looking quite comfy, and then went on to get them their hay and grain.  Everyone was happy, and I was frozen.  Could not feel my legs...  But, took the dogs for another walk, knowing it would be bad today, and it is!

This morning I awoke to about 2" I think, of snow, and sleet coming down.  I warmed up my truck and got my ice/snow scraper out... It's officially winter I guess!  The 4wd was a God send, as they did not plow anything and the sleet in addition to the snow made it very treacherous out there.

Today, after work I will head up to the farm and see about the sheep, and probably not linger.  It's supposed to snow for a while yet today.. We shall see.

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