Saturday, December 29, 2012

"Get it"

So, I stopped by and picked up some sheep and dog provisions at Agway (using my gift card- thank you family!!) and then up to the farm.  First thing I did was walk the dogs.  I figured I better do that first, as I may not want to after I did the chores.  So, took our walk, and paced myself- and tried to walk in my previous foot prints- which helped a bit.

After our walk, I got a couple bales of hay, and went out there.  I noticed some hay was still left from the previous day, so I ended up leaving about 1/3 of a bale of mostly alfalfa on the sled, and gave a full bale of grass hay.  I spread it out- I was getting winded now, trudging through the snow.  When it was time to give out the grain, I had Dan push the sheep far away, but they stopped at the hay bales.  One small sheep, not sure if it was a ram or ewe lamb, stopped and faced Dan.  Dan looked, and waited.  I figured I would let it have a second or two to think about it.  The snow is deep and crunchy on top, so it's tough going out there.  So, then it went and then turned again.  The third time, I told Dan to "get it" and he did- gripped on the face, and she/he finally turned.  Hopefully that lesson was learned well.  I don't blame this sheep, it's tough going out there.  Glad that Dan can back up what he asks for, or soon all of them would be doing the same thing.

I got the grain out and as I started to leave, it really started snowing.  Stopped at my parent's house and had a Gjetost sandwich (look this up if you don't know what it is) :), and also a piece of carrot cake. Man, do I love that stuff.  Then I headed home.  I have been home a while now and have been out several times to shovel.  I want to keep up with it. It's really coming down at a fast clip now.

Tonight I believe I will have tomato soup and grilled cheese for dinner. Glad I don't have to be any where today!

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