Monday, December 31, 2012

Walking walking walking

On Sunday, I headed up to the farm to get chores done, walk the dogs, and stop at my sister's place.  Got everything on my list done, and then some.  My sister and I watched an episode (she has dvr) of Pioneer Woman on the Food Channel... most of the food looked great; though some was a bit rich looking for me.  I do really like her blog and well, most of what she does!

Then I headed up to the farm, put on my gloves/boots and walked the dogs.  Joe and Dan work hard to run in this stuff, but they seem to not mind- though they do sleep when they get home...  After I walked them, I fed a couple bales of hay to the sheep, grained them and then looked at the barn.  It needed mucking out, so I did so.   The other method of keeping the barn in the winter is to just add more straw on top of the old.  Well, being that I have no machinery and it's only me, I don't want to do that.  I can't imagine the work it would be come spring.  And, I am no spring chicken!  I am not old, no, but certainly do not want to tackle that sort of work.  Anyway, got it cleaned, added a new bale of straw (don't like this straw at all- too crumbly), and then I got Dan (he was sitting watch looking out at preventing sheep from coming in the barn as I was cleaning).  After all that I was a bit tired.  Stopped at the grocery store for some kitty litter, and headed home.

Did not get much done yesterday afternoon, and ended up watching some football and reading my book. 

Today it was VERY cold when I got up- in the teens.  No plans this week at all.  No way I want to work my sheep, or my dogs in the very cold weather coming up, and well, I guess our walks will be more important than ever.

Ciao for now!

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