Monday, December 3, 2012

A nice Sunday

It was a very nice day yesterday.  It started out with me getting up with a headache and sore upper back, but I took some Aleve and it resolved pretty well.  Later in the morning I headed up to the farm and my brother had a bunch of friends over hunting.  I took Joe and Dan for their walk and then I worked them both.  I had a bunch of spectators, and they looked like a bunch of traffic cones watching ;)

Joe did super nice.  We only worked for like ten minutes but his outruns are pretty much spot on - he's paying attention to his sheep all the way around and his fetch is still good.  I stop him before he thinks he can go to head them- that is one thing I let happen, which I am in the process of squelching.   We also did a little bit of driving- flanks too, on the drive, and then we just stopped.  It was short but sweet. 

Sheep were given their bale, and none were eating it that great- it was pretty stemmy, so I got another half bale which had more grass in it and they seemed happier.  Will see how much they left behind today.

When I got home I decided to tackle the rest of the leaves- it was nice out and it was just time (long past time) to get it done.  A few loads on the tarp, and then just blew the rest into the woods.  Then I cleaned up all the sticks (as many as I could) in the yard and put everything away. YES!  I am done with the fall work!!!  It turned out to be very good that I did the leaves yesterday, because it rained pretty hard last night.

I had oatmeal for dinner last night, and I think I have finally gotten it to where I like it regarding the consistency.  I don't like really THICK oatmeal, so this was not quite a slurry; a little thicker.  It was so good... Even the dogs wanted some...

Well, that's that..  Let's see what this week brings!

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