Monday, July 16, 2012

Well, I have been trying to stay away from sweets now for a week.  Not a complete failure, but close and yesterday I broke down big time and had Friendlys ice cream.  It was so good! 

This weekend was sort of a blur.  Didn't do much.  I did get the hill field ready to move the sheep into, but did not move the sheep, as yet another heat wave is coming and I want them to have access to the barn.  I have decided to sell on three ewe lambs, as I don't need so many sheep when grass is potentially limited.  So, they will go some time this week or next.  We were going to move them tomorrow, but it is supposed to be 99 degrees F tomorrow, and that's just not acceptable for moving livestock, let alone stressing them out in this weather.

All the other animals are well.  Bored, but well.  I am now able to have all the dogs outside at the same time.  I walk Lucy, Dan, and Joe together on our walks.  Dan runs ahead and Joe keeps up.  Then, Dan herds Lucy, and then Joe does too, but then Dan runs ahead.  It's all a bit over the top.  Thankfully, Lucy has not lost it on Joe, but Joe is uber confident, so it may not be an issue.  I have now learned, finally, that Lucy's issues are that of space.  She's not confident of dogs too much in her space and lashes out.  For some reason, she just loses it with the other bitches, but just "yells" at the males.  Having all be able to be outside at same time, albeit not supervised, is a nice thing.   This morning, Lucy decided on her own just to come inside.  This is her way of being good- take herself away from the fal-de-ral.  That I like.

This week I have a few medical appointments and also, there's my birthday.  My twin sister and I will get together for it, and head up to my parent's house, but that's pretty much it.  Low key.  That's cool with me.

Well, that's it for now.

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