Thursday, July 5, 2012


I think almost every July I get crabby.  I think part of it is sub-consciously I know my birthday is coming up and what have I to show for it?  Not much I think... It's depressing; the debt, and the repairs needed at the house, and add to that the heat/humidity, it's all a bit much.  My a/c has been pooling water on the window sill and has just totally ruined it- the towel I put under the a/c was DRENCHED.  Just great.  Now I NEED a carpenter to fix, and who knows how bad it is under the surface...  I slanted the a/c even further, but alas, it's probably a little to little, a little too late.

I did get the lawn mowed yesterday, which is a great achievement seeing as how much I hate to do it.  Other than that it was a hibernation day pretty much, because it is just too warm to be outside- and the bugs just make it un-bearable.   More fence/gate work to do, but I won't be out in this .... not this week anyway.

I think I should go to the mall.  Maybe this weekend.  Perhaps a bit of shopping therapy will help...  Who knows.

I am crabby, that's the only way to put it.  Better go before I depress you all even more!

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