Thursday, July 26, 2012

So far so good on the eating healthy plan.  I am steering clear of bread, and so far I notice a much more level energy level- enough of a difference I am actually a bit scared of eating bread.  I think it's just a toxic thing for me.   I am still eating well, just not bread or things like it.  Of course I will have to have toast when I make eggs, but other than that, no more sandwiches, or the like. 

I went to a trainer yesterday to work Joe. It went pretty well, though  he's still not convinced he has to go around me, not straight to the sheep.  Once he does get going though, he's pretty nice.  For such a young boy he seems pretty comfortable on sheep- when he's at the right distance- not too far, not too close.  He's not bothered by the round pen either, which did bother both Dan and Lucy in different ways.  Every time we took a break, after an initial big drink of water and lay down, he was up at the gate again.  He's certainly ready to start.

I am hoping to go to the Cooperstown trial next month, but there will be a draw, and I might not get in.  In some ways this is good, because I recently learned that the hotel we reserved is a modern day Bates motel- BAD reviews all around on this place, so I canceled my reservation.  No way I am staying in a seedy motel (where people have actually slept in their cars, instead of the hotel- it's that gross).  So, I may not end up going either- no other hotels are available, and it's quite a long drive.  I see where the camper thing is going to be something I have to entertain....

We may get some really bad weather today, perhaps even Tornadoes.  Tornadoes scare me to death.  I will be watching the weather channel/internet site all day long, praying conditions are not favorable for them, or the horrible winds we may get.  I have so many big trees around my house, and I could easily be crushed in my little house if one comes down.  I can't not be home, but I am terrified in my home when these dangerous storms come knocking.  I will just have to deep breathe and get through it.

Well, that's it for now!

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