Friday, July 6, 2012

Better today

Better today.  I think I just had a bunch of things irritate me to start my day yesterday. When I got to the farm, I saw the sheep coming out of the barn, clearly, me allowing them to hang out in it was a happy thing for them.  It is so hot/humid/buggy, I really didn't see any point not letting them in there to cool off.   There is a cement "ledge" just big enough for a sheep to lay on, that clearly is the favorite place to lay. 

Only got one walk in yesterday- the Deer flies are just too bad.  A few more days of this heat wave and things are supposed to cool off a bit- to normal- mid 80s.   This means more normal time outside, and I am sure happier everyone.

I think next week I will head over to a friend's place to work dogs, but maybe not- it depends.  I have to think about getting hay and also get some stuff done at my place.  No big rush as no trials coming up, and I realized that Joey is younger than I thought he was.  He may not officially get started until September.

Oh, I do have to do one more trip with the Round Up in the other field, but think I have kicked it's butt pretty well.  The sheep go back in that field next weekend.  Lots of yummy shrubs have come up.  They will love it.

Well, that's all for now.  So it goes, another week in summer....................

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