Thursday, July 19, 2012

If you want to fly..........

Another year has gone by.  Where does time go?  I used to think a year was so long, and now, it seems like nothing.  I am pretty happy with my life thus far.  I just have to keep making plans for fun things, and enjoy something every day.  That's not hard with the animals I have, and my general sense of someone who is easily cheered.  Life really is a journey, and we never really know where it's going to lead us.   There are jobs out west, just seasonal positions, where I could be a wrangler, etc., at working ranches, or dude ranches.  I sure wouldn't mind getting out of the doldrums of every day life for something like that.  I would have to do something with the dogs/cats, but would definitely have to bring one dog.  Life without a dog by my side is way too sterile.  So, maybe I will get to do that?

Sometimes we get too comfortable in our every day life, and you need a little shake up.  That said, shake ups really shake me up, so that's a wee bit of fear in there.  As I age though, I realize that sometimes you just gotta take a leap if you want to fly....

We all have constraints, but if you are smart, you can push the envelope while being extremely responsible and work oriented.... My dad taught me that work ethic and it's as natural as breathing.  I am also so routine oriented, you could set your clocks to me every day patterns... Some would say that's boring, I say it's comforting.

So, here it is, another year and I can say I am better in many ways this year than last, because of the good memories I have, and the deepening friendships in my life.

Here's to living while you are alive!

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