Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The Dreaded Cholesterol

Last night I got a call from my Dr about my blood work results.  Everything was good, except for cholesterol.  This has gone up for me a little bit each year.  They fit me in for an appointment, and I was ready to discuss the issue with my physician.  I figured she would be all over me (I have also gained 10 lbs).  But, she wasn't.  I told her what I eat each day, and what I do for exercise.  She then made suggestions; don't eat anything that is fermented- this includes yogurt, breads etc. (well, eat them sparingly). I knew the bread thing already, and have researched insulin/cholesterol relationship, and the more carbs you eat the more insulin you have and then you end up with higher cholesterol.  Also, inflammation causes higher cholesterol, and I have inflammation in spades.  So... a sea change in how I eat.  Yes, I can still eat steak, etc, but breads (which I adore) have to be cut big time.  I do feel much better with less carbs anyway.  For instance, I can't eat pasta, because I it's almost like I am comatose after eating it...   So, back to a good hearty salad and soup for lunch, and lots of water.  Water helps with the inflammation too.  I am just happy the Dr did not push for Statins, as I am loathe to put anymore chemicals into my body than I need.

I am still very sore in my back from the hay work I did the other day.  Not ever happening again. I can lift a few in a day, but not hundreds. 

Today I HAVE  to do two laps with the dogs.  Joe was so bored yesterday after just one lap, we can't have a repeat.

I think I have found some dog broke sheep to bring home.  That would be great.  I worry my sheep will just bail on Joe and either jump a fence or smash into one.  If I had bigger fields with less pressure, it would go better.  Eventually he has to go on the Cheviots, but right now, we need one aspect a bit calmer.

So, that's it for now.  On the road to better eating habits, and on the way, I hope I can shed some weight!

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