Saturday, July 14, 2012

Hi folks
Still here... Went up to a friend's place this week and worked Dan on shedding- apparently, he knew how to do it because he was very very good... Then, popped Joe on her sheep in a small pen a couple times. Joe is ready to start.  Then, the next day after work I headed over to another friend's place where I worked Joe again- this time with a noodle.  I was told I need to keep the noodle over the sheep's back, so I will try that and also maybe a buggy whip- NOT to hit him with, but to make the ground dangerous as Derek Scrimgeour suggests.  He's ready to get started, and to that end, I am getting a few quiet sheep to work Joe on next week.  Seems like a nice birthday present.

Just got a call from my hay guy- I am all set to pick up second cutting grass/alfalfa hay. This is great.  Those who don't know, second cut is a better choice in many cases, for sheep as they prefer softer hay with less stems, and first cut has more stems and seed heads- generally.  I am very happy about this.  Was worried.  Nothing worse than buying hay your sheep waste.

I have to worm my lambs today, and then I may move them to the other pasture.  We will see. The fourth heat wave of the year is coming, and they so love the barn- which they can't access in the other field.

Well, that's it for now.

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