Tuesday, April 10, 2012

So.... remember the nail in the foot incident? Well, last night I got out of bed and could not walk on my foot. Will give it some time, but as of this morning I had to tip toe around....

Yesterday was a busy one. After work I met John at the farm and got the sheep loaded. It went pretty well, but getting them to the truck from the field was tenuous with one of the girls. The halter I bought is garbage- throwing it in the trash- I need a rope one... Grain worked well, but sometimes you need back up. Unloading went well, and I bid a wistful good bye to my girls. My first sheep. It's a bit sad, but in the end, I have to look at my livestock as at least not a money losing proposition. IF they were great to work dogs on, they may have gotten a pass, but they are not even good dog training sheep- they split off.

After we left the auction house, we stopped by the Chatham Sheep dairy, where there will be a sheepdog trial later this month. We looked at all the milking sheep eating their haylage and the lambs. John bought some yogurt, and we headed out.

One last stop was a grain seller, where John bought some grain for the sheep and the horses.

THEN, finally, we headed back to the farm and I walked Dan and Joe (I had left Lucy home).

The day before yesterday, I fed Lucy and she immediately threw it up. I fed her no breakfast yesterday. When I got home I was greeted with several areas where Lucy had thrown up and a few were just plain blood. She did not throw up any more once I was home and was good last night, albeit very thirsty. She got a teeny bit of food and water, and we shall see how she does... If not better, off to the vet. I cleaned everything with nature's miracle yesterday, but I have to get the carpet cleaner out now.

I was really tired this morning, and my foot really hurts. Just another day in the life ;) I will be fine. I am tough!

I have to go clothes shopping asap. I threw a lot of things out! I especially need jeans. I really especially need to lose weight and THEN buy jeans!

Well, that's all for now!

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