Sunday, April 15, 2012

I got in to see a PA at an ortho office on Friday. She, surprisingly, was good. They took xrays and noted fluid in the foot, but were not sure it was infection. She believes it could be plantar fascitis. Since then, my foot has stayed as bad, with the pain sitting right over the nail injection site. I could not take the dogs on their second walk yesterday- I started out, but had to quickly give up.

Sheep are good. Since the Border Leicesters left, I have not seen them that far from the barn much. Maybe they are waiting for them to come back, or maybe the heat... Tomorrow it is supposed to hit 91 degrees- insane. I do remember it hitting the 90s year before last this time of year....

The lambs are growing fast. The personalities between them are so different. The twin ram lambs have absolutely no love for me, the ewe lamb is pretty calm around me and the youngest ram lamb is calm too.

I was supposed to go work dogs today, but I can't I just can't be on my feet that long. This gets so stinking old.

Oh, I bought a new vacuum! I am so happy. I also got some new clothes. I was low on decent summer weight tops and I got a few pair of jeans. Next up is furniture for the living room. I need to find something decent, but not $1000 each item!

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DeltaBluez Tess said...

Sure hope they figure out the foot issue!