Friday, April 20, 2012

That's a picture of my ewe lamb. She's so stocky. I am extremely happy with her. I hope all the lambs turn out like this. I am so sorry I have been awol. The foot thing got me in a funk, but here's the update: it would appear the nail irritated the tendon that runs along the outside bottom of the foot. I was given a boot to wear. BOTH feet are bothering me, probably from walking funky with the boot, so today, no boot. Feet problems *really* stink. So, enough about my foot, it's getting old. Let's see, this week has been the normal sheep/dog stuff. I also worked in the house a bit, finally, after 15 years, unpacking and hanging some paintings my grandmother did, along with some others I like. I also ordered a sectional couch for my living room. Being that I have not had any furniture since I got rid of my old couch, I am SO HAPPY!!!!!!!! I will finally have my living room back!!!! I am also ordering a slip cover........ I mowed the lawn yesterday, and still have to string trim. Tomorrow the shearer comes. Would like to sell the wool at cost for shearing, which is darn cheap. I spoke with another Border Cheviot breeder who breeds the old meaty style type and next week will go up there and pick out a new ram lamb, as I just don't really think the one I have is that great, but the jury is still out... if the ewe lamb is any indication, maybe he is... This ram is a real pain and I think for my purposes, I don't want to keep a ram around. I just don't have enough paddocks.... The two ram lambs I had available are spoken for- a farmer down the road wants to grow them out. I may see if instead of $$ we can barter for him putting some gates up for me and brush hogging my other field.... The wethered ram lamb will stay on at my place to be grown out for my family, since the ones I gave them last year were so small. Well, that's it for now!

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