Tuesday, April 24, 2012

So, yesterday was the day to move the sheep to the other field. JUST LIKE last year, there was no power after a storm and I had to haul water in buckets from the pond... Good grief.. What are the odds of this? Anyway, as you can see, they are very happy in this field and should be able to stay here for a good long while and give the other field a rest. This is my favorite time of year, moving the sheep into a new field. I do some commenting, and was thinking last night, that I did capture "me" and how I feel about my animals, and maybe, when I croak, a video like this would sum up who I am. No, not trying to be morose, just real.... Anyway, enjoy, the sheep sure did! After moving the sheep, I saw a couple of geese in at the pond and sent Lucy, who used to be a professional goose dog after them. Please forgive my banchee screaming, as I had forgotten to have faith in my girl, who did get in that cold water and do her job. So proud of her. Sort of miss doing that work.

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Kathy said...

Woo Hoo, good job Lucy!!

Your lambs sure are looking nice.