Monday, September 5, 2011

Well, the last trial for the year is in the books. The last trial for us, I think anyway! I was very happy how it went for us, though our consistency, for the most part did us in. There were three runs, and they drop the lowest, and average the two highest. It makes sense in a way, because the sheep really are a variable and you can just get a bad draw...

Our first run was our lowest score, and honestly, I don't remember everything that went wrong, but it didn't feel bad, and we ended up with a mediocre 60. The second run on the same day was better, but I think we missed the fetch panels and that banged us hard, so we got a 62. The third run which was yesterday, we got the fetch panels, and then, as he drove them so nicely to the drive away panels, I quite simply directed him to move the sheep AROUND the panels. WHAT A FREAKING DOLT I AM. He had quite a nice run, and I have to say, the prettiest moment, was when I had them almost totally in the pen and one ewe who was like a DOUBLE wide trailer with so much wool, she turned and looked at Dan, with a snotty look, and Dan, just walked up with a look of, if you try it, you have me to deal with- and in she went. For that run, we got a 70.

I was very happy with Dan's work. Now, on to a relaxing fall, and learning to shed a bit and do longer courses. He's such a good boy. I have to move the sheep, as my brother needs to work on the barn in that field. My Parakeets- first baby out has hurt leg and mom had to be taken out because she was attacking the fledgelings. Still one in box, but ready to come out- dad has to feed all of them. I need to find homes for the babies, and possibly the mother. She's not to have babies again, not after this. I can see if the babies were older, but they are still so young. The injured leg boy had around his eye pecked too. I think the stress of being with her would have killed him. Of course she is not happy, but that's what happens when you are a witch!

Supposed to rain through Thursday. We do not need more rain. So glad I have good drainage in my fields. Given that I am moving them to the smaller field I may start graining them, because I don't want the older girls losing weight.

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