Tuesday, September 13, 2011

So, my big bill came in the mail and it means beans and rice for the rest of the month- oh, except for the animals, they will still get their grain free, and for the birds top shelf seed ;)

I may sell some of my Cheviot lambs, depending on offers. I don't want to, but $$ is an issue. Have to call the hay guy and see if he can deliver in October. Need to get this school tax bill paid, and move on. Always feels good to get that done, even if I am a bit short this year, I will figure it out. Not doing the demos was a bad thing money-wise, but honestly, other than that, I don't miss having done it at all.

Supposed to be warm today, and possibly rain tomorrow. I may take part of tomorrow off and head up to the farm progress days in central NY with John. We shall see. I have a delivery coming in at work, and it will all depend on when it gets here.

We will be picking the ram on Monday, I believe, next week. I may have a buyer for our current ram; hope so. He's a nice one. Sheep are good, wish I could put them in that other pasture, but not for a while yet. Yesterday I brought out some grain and also a flake of hay, just to ensure everyone is getting all they need. They like that hay, though it is not 100% dust free, it's pretty clean and it's soft, and soft is what they want, hands, or should I say hoof down!

I put momma bird cage near the other cage yesterday, and the babies were a bit freaked out, wondering if mommy dearest was coming back... I have to get the babies homes. It's getting a bit crowded in terms of birds!

Danny is finally looking/feeling good. He has put weight one and is no longer emaciated. Thank goodness. All are doing well. Don't feed Healthwise Chicken and Oatmeal, unless you want sick dogs.

So, that's it for now. Hopefully next week I can go work dogs with a friend of mine....

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Laura Carson said...

We're on the beans and rice plan at my house too girl. Sending you some unexpected windfall vibes!