Monday, September 19, 2011

John Lennon said "Life is what happens when you are making other plans". I think for my life, that's basically true. After my light breakfast I headed up to the farm, and fed the sheep, checked one who's limping- feet are fine, maybe she twisted something? And then, I decided to clean out the room I had hay in last year, as it will house the sheep this year. I had made a good dent in it with my nephew's help a month or two ago, but there was still more junk to get rid of; lots of broken jars that the steers stepped on, all mixed with their manure. Four large bags of detritus and still not totally done. The field stone wall where it meets the frame of the barn at ground level has giant spaces in it, from when the barn was jacked up to level, so I have to address that as well. On the whole, it will be a much bigger area for the sheep, and I will make yet another pen for them, since the other pen was taken down for some work on the barn (yes, it pains me to say that a lot of my work went bye bye.) Such is the way it is when you don't own your sheep land....

So, after the barn was done, I left and stopped by John's to chat, and then home. Then, I forced myself to mow the lawn. I had not done it since before Hurricane Irene as it was so wet. As it was, as I made my circuits my mower slipped and slid in certain areas. I was SO glad to get that done. I really detest mowing for some reason these days.

After that was done, I generally chilled, as the day had wore on faster than I thought it would. As I was making dinner, I looked at Dan and his whole face was swelling up- stung by a bee I guess. Gave him a Benadryl, and he returned to normal.

So, that's what happened on the day I wasn't going to do much of anything. Congrats to Alasdair and Star- she sure lived up to her name.

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