Thursday, September 15, 2011

Busy next few days ahead of me. I may not be getting hay this weekend, but that works for me. I have decided on a plan to get my bills paid without resorting to pan-handling ;) I am getting too old to do that ;0)

After long discussion, I have decided to leave my sheep out of the field I over-dosed with herbicide for the rest of the year. This means I have to feed hay every day, even if they don't clean it up, so I know they aren't pushed into eating the bad stuff in that field, and also, I will grain, though I don't want to, I just feel it is best for the older girls, and the younger lambs. Of course the yearlings believe they need food too....

I have found a home for the Parakeet babies, so life shall return to normal soon in that room- they are fun to watch them explore and test everything in the cage, but good Lord are they noisy.

I have a busy next few days, and weather is supposed to cool down, so I am downright giddy about that. We need to have these flies go bye bye, and this rain will help the field grow.

Am watching the finals and world trial on twitter, and loving that we are being kept up to date. Danny's sister put up a score on her nursery run, which although not a great one, still, it's a score, and those sheep were described as "big enough to saddle", and she's maybe 30 lbs soaking wet, and not very tall.

Well, that's it for now, got to get going with my day.

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