Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Facebook has made big changes. It's now basically one big running tweet, and to tell the truth, it just makes it much more clear to me how big a time waster it is, and how I just don't really care what most people are doing at that exact moment in time. I bet I am not in the minority either. I don't even want to go to FB anymore- it's like that one last fast food meal where you just say "ENOUGH!!!!!!"

Been a busy week. Got some hay this week, it's second cutting, not as nice as last year, but it's leafy. Used the Ranger and the hay folks stacked and tied it down for me which was great. It's at the low floor of the barn, as the usual hay storage area is blocked off with construction materials.

Sheep are okay, I may actually, once we get all this rain they are calling for, put them back in the field I sprayed. The grass is doing great and the snakeroot has mostly died, although there are still clumps where it survived.....

Everything else is kosher- got the car serviced, and now, for the next few weeks big time saving money for my bills. So, no going anywhere not absolutely needed for now.

May go with John to get the ram later this week. Will be good to get that done. He will drive his p/u and we have a pen in the back.

I am craving mashed potatoes big time today..............

Well, that's enough for now!

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